Chlorination Options

Do not handle chlorineYou want to keep your pool properly sanitized and as clean as possible.  Proper chlorination is a must for keeping your pool safe and enjoyable for your family and friends.  However, traditional methods of adding factory-produced chlorine to your pool are often cumbersome, and handling chlorine liquid, powder and tablets is messy and smelly.  There are options available to modernize your pool, which will also enable you to cut down the time you spend maintaining your water.

Salt Chlorination

Technology has come a long way with swimming pool and spa chlorination.  For example, Hayward’s Salt & Swim® 3C and AquaRite® salt chlorinators convert ordinary salt into chlorine automatically.  Salt & Swim 3C is a Do-it-Yourselfer’s dream – it installs in about 20 minutes and is good for pools up to 30,000 gallons.  AquaRite’s Turbo Cell comes in 3 different models – for pools up to 15, 25 and 40,000 gallons.  These make it easy for your Pool Pro to select the right size for your pool’s needs.

If you’d like a finer approach to chlorination, AquaRite Pro, is the answer.  AquaRite Pro delivers all the benefits of AquaRite, while also managing pH.  Sense and Dispense monitors chlorine and pH levels and dispenses what the water needs, only when it needs it -ensuring the best water quality, automatically.

For more on salt chlorination – watch the videos.