EcoStar SVRS

Choosing a Pool Pump

Pool pumps are an investment in your family’s pool, so you’ll want to carefully research the right one for your application with the guidance of your local Pool Pro.  You’ll want a properly-sized pump that can meet the demands of your pool, one that’s energy-efficient and built to last.  A quiet pump will ensure your backyard gatherings aren’t interrupted by a noise or vibrates your lawn chairs.  How do you find a pool pump that has enough power to speedily pump your pool water without the noise?

EcoStar Pool Pumps

EcoStar’s line of pool pumps is known for its dependability, safety and efficiency.  If you want the best pool pumps in the business, look at these excellent pumps.  People who use this pump say you can watch your monthly energy bills as you save energy.  You can save over 90% in energy costs because EcoStar variable speed pumps are more efficient than single-speed pumps.  Another important attribute:  these pumps are very quiet.  You can put an EcoStar pump in your backyard, without worrying that the neighbors will complain about a noisy pump.

Another EcoStar key feature is built-in safety.  The EcoStar SVRS model offers an integrated Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) that helps prevent suction entrapment.