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Exciting Pool Lighting Options

When you think of pool lighting, you might picture a single, traditional white light located under the pool’s diving board.  The options were simple, they’re on or they’re off.  And in most cases, these incandescent white lights are not bright enough to properly illuminate the entire pool.

Lighting may seem like a boring or traditional element of your pool’s design, or maybe it’s a part of your pool that you do not even think about. You should reconsider these old notions of pool lighting because the options available today can really modernize the look of your pool, even transform your outdoor living spaces. Read below on color LED lighting, a popular option in modern pool light systems.

Color LED Lighting

The type of lighting you select, will depend on the kind of atmosphere or mood you want to create. For instance, color LED lighting is great for a brighter, more vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere. LED lighting now comes in beautiful rich colors that can saturate your pool – all the way to the shallow end.  A properly illuminated pool makes it safer for swimmers because they can see more clearly.  Another benefit of LED lighting is that it uses less energy and lasts up to 10x longer than your traditional incandescent lighting options, so you’ll have far less service calls to replace them.

See pool transformations – watch the video.