Guide to Heating Your Pool

Heating your pool is the best way to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Pool heaters extend your family’s pool season and allow everyone to enjoy a swim, long after the sun has gone down. What is the best method of heating your pool? It can be confusing! And finding the best quality equipment that delivers the highest energy and operational savings can be challenging. Let’s look at the benefits and options.

Benefits of Heating Your Pool

The benefits of pools are undeniable: fun, exercise, new skills, socialization, entertaining, strength building, stress reduction, and many more. It goes without saying that you’ll want to enjoy your pool as long as possible.

Heating your pool…

  • Allows swimming on cool days and nights
  • Expands your home-based exercise options 
  • Increases your activity and time outdoors
  • Upgrades your exercise and entertaining options
  • Improves your overall comfort and enjoyment

Options for Heating Your Pool 

All methods of heating pools and spas introduce heat into the water. This can be done in several ways, but the most common options utilize heaters or heat pumps:

Gas Heater
Gas heaters are the most popular equipment for heating pools. They are ideal for quickly and efficiently heating any pool. 

Hayward Universal H-Series pool heaters are the most efficient heating solution for any pool or spa. They utilize a cupro nickel heat exchanger for value, performance, and reliability. Universal H-Series achieves up to 18-percent savings by reducing pump run time. In addition, they offer excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance. Learn more about gas pool heaters from

Electric Spa Heater
Electric spa heaters quickly heat the water in your spa. They fit in compact spaces and don’t require a gas connection. 

Hayward electric spa heaters offer all of the sophisticated features and capabilities of heaters twice their size. They feature a stainless steel tank and they are easy to install and convenient to service.

Heat Pump 
Heat pumps work by transferring heat from the environment to the pool water using electricity. They have a higher initial cost than gas heaters, but are more energy efficient in the long run. Heat pumps are a good choice for maintaining a pool at a set temperature, but they are sensitive to climate variability. 

Did You Know? Heat pumps can also cool your pool. 

Hayward Summit XL heat pumps and HeatPro heat pumps quietly and economically maintain the ideal water temperature for the ultimate in comfort. They are high performance, energy efficient units with the industry’s only Ultra Gold corrosion resistant evaporator fin. They are also compact and lightweight, allowing for easy installation and servicing on new or existing pools.

Expert Tip! Whatever equipment you choose, be sure to have your heater or heat pump checked and maintained on at least an annual basis by your local pool pro. 

How much can you save by switching to a Hayward energy efficient heater or heat pump? More than you might expect! Hayward’s Energy Calculator shows how much you can save.

Enhancing the Effect of Your Pool Heater

Pool Covers
In addition to heating your pool or spa, you can enhance the warming effect by adding a cover to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Using a swimming pool cover when the pool is not in use can significantly reduce your heating costs by as much as 50-70%. Read Pool Covers Save Water and Energy to learn about additional benefits. 

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