Heating 101: Graduate to a Higher Degree of Comfort

A heater’s a heater, right? Not anymore. You have options that can heat water, even cool it down, and pay for themselves in a year with energy savings.

For pools, the choices are gas heaters and heat pumps. Gas heaters are the best choice to raise a pool’s water temperature fast but heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient.

Hayward’s gas heaters are more energy efficient because their advanced hydraulics reduce pump run time.  Low nitrous oxide (NOx) emission levels make them a perfect choice for you, environmentally-concerned pool owners, and their erosion-resistant heat exchangers make them the perfect match for pools on the coast and salt chlorinated pools. The forced draft system constantly moves air through the combustion chamber to eliminate all outside weather variables that can affect heating performance, such as wind conditions. They come in various sizes to accommodate any pool, in natural gas or propane models.

Many of you may know what a heat pump is – but you can really benefit from the technology. Heat pumps can save you up to 80% on your energy costs, versus gas heaters.

Heat pumps use heat from surrounding air to warm the water, eliminating wasted energy.  They heat by “pumping” heat from the air to the pool.  The same technology can be used in reverse to cool your pool’s water by pumping heat from the pool to the air.

In northern climates, it’s common to have heat-only heat pumps because cooling pool water down isn’t an issue.  They’re super quiet and have a small footprint, so they’re easy to install, service and upgrade.

Small electric heaters are great for spas and hot tubs. They can heat small bodies of water fast and they’re very compact, so they can be hidden under spa skirts or steps.

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