pile of salt

How Much Salt do you Add?

The ideal salt level is between 2700-3400 ppm (parts per million) with 3200 ppm being optimal.  Before adding salt to your pool, test the water to check your salt level.

If the level is low, determine the number of gallons in the pool and add salt according to the chart below.  A low salt level will reduce the efficiency of your salt chlorinator and result in low chlorine production.  A high salt level can cause your chlorinator to shutdown and may begin to give your water a salty taste.  Generally, salt will begin to be tasted at a level of about 3500-4000 ppm.  The salt in your pool/spa is constantly recycled and the loss of salt throughout the swimming season should be minimal.  Water loss is due primarily to the addition of water because of splash out, backwashing and/ or overflowing because of rain.  Salt does not wear out or evaporate.

Note:  If salt chlorination is being added to your pool, it is important to balance your water before switching to salt.