On Lighting – to ground or not to ground?

Hayward’s new Universal ColorLogic color LED pool and spa lighting isn’t just UL-approved to be installed in virtually any manufacturer’s niche, they’re also UL approved for installation without bonding, grounding or a GFCI.  Their all-plastic, 12V, 2-wire design combined with the new all-plastic Thin Niche eliminates the need for bonding, grounding and GFCI.  That’s right – when used with Thin Niche, not only can these lights be installed in virtually any manufacturer’s niche, they don’t need bonding, grounding or GFCI and they’re completely safe.  UL says so by giving Universal ColorLogic lights their stamp of approval.

We know what you’re thinking – how can these unbonded, ungrounded installations possibly pass inspection – right?   The key is in the preparation and proper documentation.  Hayward will make a training session available on the web on this very topic.  The training is specifically targeting installers and inspectors to educate the market on these ground-breaking lights.  Hayward also has documents specifically for installers and inspectors explaining the changes to NEC code and meeting UL approval.

Check out the training and get a copy of the inspector’s document before calling on your local inspector.  It will save you time and money and give you and your customers the peace of mind that Universal ColorLogic, your new LED lighting solution, is always safely installed.

One light…changes everything!