Pool Circulation Systems

Sparkling clean pool water – dive right in! Healthy and beautiful pool water can be achieved with proper water chemistry and a functioning pool circulation system.

What Is A Pool Circulation System?

Pool circulation systems are responsible for the flow of water, the carrier of mostly everything in the pool. The main parts of the pool circulation system include the pump, filter, and network of skimmers, drains, and returns. These 3 parts work together to help keep pool water healthy.

Pool circulation systems can be compared to the body’s circulatory system. The human circulatory system is responsible for the flow of blood, the carrier of mostly everything in the body. The 3 independent parts of the circulatory system include the heart, lungs and systemic circulation (network of veins, arteries and blood vessels). These 3 parts work together to provide the body with the nutrients, antibodies, oxygen, and hormones that it needs to stay healthy.

How Does It Work?

In a pool circulation system, water is drawn from the pool through skimmers and drains by a centrifugal pump. The water passes through a basket in the skimmer and in front of the pump to remove large debris before it gets to the pump’s impeller. The pressure created by the pump’s impeller forces the water through a filter which intercepts any debris not caught by the baskets. In some cases, the filtered water is treated and heated before it is returned to the pool. This system of collection, treatment, and return of pool water is repeated over and over to ensure the water is clean, pleasant, and safe for your family and guests.

Let’s learn more about the individual parts of the pool circulation system and the role they play in keeping your pool water healthy and beautiful.

Pool Circulation System Parts

Name of Part Location Purpose
Skimmer sides of pool at the water line creates surface tension, drawing water to the pool plumbing system to intercept & remove debris
Main Drain bottom of pool (some pools have no drain) provides pool water to the pump & improves water circulation within the pool
Pump above the water level (in ground pool) OR below the water level (above ground pool) circulates water
Filter after the pump stops dirt from entering the pool
Chlorinator, Chlorine, generator, sanitizer, ozonator, heater after the filter (equipment varies with each pool) (chlorinator is after the filter and heater) cleans and treats filtered water before it enters the pool
Returns sides of pool just below the water’s surface sends filtered, treated, and heated water back to the pool


Maintain Your Pool Circulation System

When the parts of the pool circulation system are not working, the whole system breaks down. This can be compared to your body’s circulatory system – when your heart, lungs, or systemic circulation is not working, the body’s circulatory system breaks down. Enjoy sparkling clean pool water by maintaining your pool circulation system with the help of your local pool professional. Go ahead – dive right in!