Pool Freeze Protection

Pool Freeze Protection: Tips for Freezing Weather

Severe winter weather across the nation has received national attention as Americans attempt to stay warm and safe. Areas as far south as Texas have seen unprecedented severe winter weather that includes snow, sleet and freezing rain.

The record-breaking cold weather has resulted in emergency declarations. Over 100-million people have been affected by the freezing weather and have struggled with power outages and water shortages as well.

Many homeowners and businesses have also experienced freezing pipes, power outages, and water scarcity. Pool owners of in-ground and above-ground pools have been similarly affected by the unprecedented severe winter weather. In some cases, pools and pool equipment have been damaged by extreme cold.

Be prepared for the unexpected by making a note of pool management recommendations for cold weather. Hayward’s Quick Reference Guide provides helpful guidance for managing your pool equipment during cold weather conditions. Since equipment damage from freezing weather is not covered by equipment warranties, be ready to take quick action when pool equipment is vulnerable to severe winter weather. By following recommendations for pool care in freezing weather, you can minimize the risk to your pool and its equipment.

Quick Reference Guide to Cold Weather Pool Management

❄Cold Weather, Power is On

If you do have power to your home and are not being affected by power outages, keep your pool equipment operating at all times (24/7) until temperatures increase above freezing.

If your power is out or your home is being affected by power outages, follow the guide below or contact your local pool professional for assistance:

❄Cold Weather, No Power

If your power is out, weather conditions are concerning and temperatures are dropping, turn off all pool equipment breakers. Even if your power is off, you must still turn off all breakers that supply power to your swimming pool equipment.

❄Remove Drain Plugs

Check that the power is off. Remove drain plugs from all swimming pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, and sanitization equipment. Unplug and remove your salt chlorine generator cells from the system if you’re able.

❄Wait for Ice to Melt Naturally

Don’t turn the power back on until any ice that has formed has melted naturally. This will help prevent damage to equipment once power is restored.

❄Reinstall Removed Items

Once the ice has melted naturally, re-install drains and salt chlorine generator cells. Turn on the power to your pool equipment.

❄Get Expert Help

Your Hayward pool professional can help. Reach out to a licensed pool professional for assistance, especially if your equipment loses power for an extended period of time. Find your local Hayward Dealer on our website Dealer Locator.

Prepare for Severe Winter Weather

Although weather conditions can be unpredictable and storms can bring severe conditions, you can take action to protect your pool and its equipment. Refer to Hayward’s Quick Reference Guide for helpful guidance for managing your pool equipment during freezing cold weather conditions. By following the recommendations for pool equipment care in freezing weather, you may be able to minimize the damage to your pool equipment and get your pool up and running after the storm passes.