pool finishes

Popular Pool Finishes

As you may already be aware of, there are a number of options in pool finishes. Choosing the right finish for your pool could make a drastic difference in its appearance. So the question now becomes, what look do you want to achieve? Although you are the only one with the answer to that question, perhaps this information could help you make an informed decision about your pool finish.

Pool Tile

Pool Tiles have been around for an extremely long period of time. Pool tiles offer customization to the farthest extent with choices in patterns and colors. An advantage to choosing this finish is its durability and low maintenance factor. Of course you would have to perform regular cleanings, but this material was built to last with reasonably little care.


Fiberglass pools are typically inexpensive compared to other pool finishes and it maintains its durability relatively well. Unlike with pool tile, fiberglass comes in prefabricated shapes with steps and platforms built into the surface. If you are looking for a natural look, this is the way to go as this finish is usually only available in shades of blue and grey.


A Gunite finish is presently the most popular and durable pool finish. This concrete mixture is sprayed onto an infrastructure, which allows more flexibility and strength than the traditional poured concrete pool.  Another benefit to a Gunite finish is the expansive range of color it is available in.

Pool Aggregates

Pool Aggregates can vary vastly in appearance based not only on the color of the concrete used, but on the types of pebbles used. This pool finish is popular due to the slip-proof surface the texture provides, which is why it is also considered to be low maintenance.

Vinyl Liner

Finally, you have a vinyl liner which is used for a pool with a steel, concrete, or wood frame. This finish comes in many different pattern options and provides the look of a tiled concrete pool at a much more affordable price.

Choosing the right pool finish will provide you with the pool of your dreams. If you are still uncertain of what these finishes look like, take a look at our Pinterest board to see the end results of each finish.

Locate a pool professional today to get an estimate on the pool finish you are interested in.