Product of the Month: Universal H-Series Gas Heater

A gas pool heater will heat your pool and spa faster than any other heating option available. This is especially important this time of year because many of you will naturally want to turn your heater’s temperature setting down when the pool is not in use.  Only heating your pool’s water to “swim ready” temperatures, will allow you to reduce your heating costs.

Why Choose a Universal H-Series Gas Pool Heater From Hayward?

Hayward is always looking for ways to make pool and spa ownership as affordable and effortless as possible. Universal H-Series Heaters are simply the most reliable, hydraulically-efficient heating solution. They deliver industry-leading performance, can save pool owners up to 18% on energy costs, and are backed by a 2-year warranty when professionally installed. Our heaters are designed for ultimate performance, comfort and durability, and with environmentally responsible low NOx emissions, you can enjoy efficient luxury and peace of mind – season after season.

Professionals Are Using Universal H-Series Gas Heaters

The Hayward Universal H-Series is faster and easier to install and service. Not to mention, this gas pool heater is built to last. The exclusive technology and materials found only in Universal H-Series gas heaters make it a top choice among pool professionals.

  • Cupro Nickel heat exchanger, standard on every heater, makes them exceptionally resistant to pool chemical imbalance and ideal for use with salt chlorine generators.
  • Superior hydraulic performance saves energy by reducing circulation pump run time.
  • Finn Plate heat exchanger with special V-groove design, heats water efficiently.
  • Installation is simplified with dual voltage connections and convenient left and right side junction boxes
  • Exclusive silicon nitride ignition system for dependable lighting and reliable operation
  • Digital LED Control Panel displays water temperature and monitors heater performance with self-diagnostic capability
  • Insulated FireTile® Combustion Chamber securely traps the heat, delivering the most performance from each BTU
  • Low NOx Emissions complies with all current air quality emission standards

Hayward always recommends having your pool equipment specified, installed and serviced by a pool professional, particularly when it comes to gas heating products.

Extended Warranty Opportunity

We want to encourage pool owners to buy locally from a servicer, retailer or builder and reward them with an extended warranty for pool products which are professionally installed . Hayward’s extended warranty policy encourages pool owners to use their local pool professional to help them properly choose and size their new products. Along with the peace of mind and security that comes with professional installation, you can also take comfort in knowing you will receive an extended factory warranty too.

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