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Replacing D.E.

After backwashing your Diatomaceous earth filter (D.E.), you’ll need to replace it.  The process of replacing D.E. is also known as recharging your filter.  You should always protect yourself by wearing a mask when handling and dispensing D.E.

About D.E.
D.E. is a soft, chalk-like sedimentary rock that is ground into an off-white powder.  It is used to coat the grids in your filter housing and act as tiny sieves that can trap particles or debris as small as 2 to 5 microns.

What does this mean?
This fine powder thrives and adheres extremely well to wet surfaces and holds on tight until backwashing.  If it’s great in a pool filter environment under high pressure, just imagine how it would do in your lungs if breathed in.  So protect yourself by adhering to the safety instructions found on your D.E packaging.

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