Robotic Pool Cleaners versus Suction Pool Cleaners

Tired of scrubbing and cleaning your pool with a manual cleaner? Looking to upgrade your existing automatic pool cleaner, but don’t know which kind of automatic cleaner would be right for you?

We’ve got you covered. Two of our most popular automatic pool cleaners are now available to you. The only choice left is to decide on what kind of cleaner you want and need. Let’s compare the pros and cons for suction cleaners and robotic cleaners below to help you decide on which ones better suit the needs of your pool.

NavigatorPro3-4RSuction Cleaners

Suction pool cleaners, like the Navigator Pro, connect to your own skimmer and filtration system to extract debris from the surface of your pool. They circle and move around the pool floor and walls in a similar way to a moving main drain. Suction cleaners are great at picking up the finer debris that collects at the bottom of your pool. This means that you will need to scrub the surfaces of your pool less often. Suction cleaners are more affordable compared to the robotic cleaners; however, there are some technical limitations to consider. One such limitation involves the reliance on your existing pool pump and filtration system. Another is that you have to control the hose that connects the cleaner to your system. Suction cleaners need to be manually hooked up every time you use the cleaner. You will also have to wrap up the cleaner and put it away each time you are done cleaning the pool.

aquavac-threequarterslogo-blueRobotic Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners, like the AquaVac 500, are powered by a transformer that plugs into a GFCI outlet and converts the electricity to a very low voltage. Robotic cleaners are equipped with their own onboard pump and filter, an addition that works independently of your standard pool pump and filter system. They also have computer chips to facilitate different programming modes and conveniently adapt the cleaner to the specifics of your pool. Robotic cleaners are capable of scrubbing and sucking up debris from the bottom of your pool as well as the walls. They are great at increasing the circulation of water by using their own filtration system and incorporated pump. Robotic cleaners exceed others in performance and reliability.

Regardless of which cleaner you choose for your pool, you will be choosing a reliable and energy efficient Hayward Pool Product.

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