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The Benefits of a Single Salt Cell Application

Let’s face it, our society is conditioned to thinking more is better.  But in the case of commercial salt applications, the best practice is, less is more.  A single salt cell that produces more chlorine efficiently than a manifold of residential units, is one powerful, productive little cell.

Hayward Commercial Pool launched Saline C 6.0™ about a year ago and is taking the competition by storm.  Why?  For 1 simple reason – its clear, single-salt cell is NSF Certified and designed to produce as much as 6 pounds of chlorine a day.

Saline C 6.0 is rugged enough to chlorinate outdoor pools up to 60,000 gallons and indoor pools up to 90,000 gallons.  Previously, pools of these sizes required multiple cells to chlorinate these pools.  This more efficient design also lowers installation costs and consumes less space. Designed specifically to meet demanding needs of commercial applications, pool operators/mangers can now offer the benefits of a salt-chlorinated pool while lowering their sanitization costs by up to 60%.

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