Storing Chemicals in the Off Season

If you have decided to close your pool for the season until next year, make sure to properly store all your swimming pool chemicals away safely. The proper storing of these chemicals is important for two main reasons:

  • The safety for yourself and your family
  • The effectiveness of your chemicals for the following pool season

Every chemical manufacturer has specific storing instructions, effectiveness dates, or sell-by dates for each of their products. Make sure to pay attention to these labels on each of your chemical bottles. This not only goes for pool related chemicals, but for other household items such as cleaners or combustible items. Particular attention should be made to all chemical products so that items that should not be stored together are stored separately. If for any reason you cannot find the storing instructions for your chemicals or if you are unsure about certain chemicals being close together, call and speak to a representative that could assist. The option of visiting the manufacturer’s website is available to you as well.

You should always keep chemicals in its original purchasing container unless instructed to do otherwise by the manufacturer. The reasoning behind this is the ability to keep warning, storing and ingredient instructions and information with said chemicals. So no matter how much you want to change the container because you want to save space, we would strongly advise against it. Something else you should avoid when dealing with dangerous chemicals is the avoidance of mixing chemicals. Although the products end up in the same pool, that does not give you the okay to mix them in the same container for storage purposes. Anything from an explosion to flames can occur with such a small action. Make sure to keep each individual chemical in a separate container from the other when storing.

Every chemical manufacturer documents a proper disposal method of their chemicals and the containers in which they reside. You would typically find it listed on the container itself or a number for directions would be included somewhere in the labels. Never pour these chemicals down the drain or dispose of anywhere on or near your property.

For additional help, contact your local pool professional today

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