Top 5 Benefits of Running Your Pump at Lower Speeds

Having had your pool for several weeks, months or even years, you have already experienced what it is like to be a “Pool Owner.” The following tips and tricks will help you learn the simplest way to run your pool pump efficiently this summer.

If you own an energy-saving variable or two-speed pump, one of the most common questions we receive is, “How fast or slow should I run my pool pump this summer?”  We will explain to you the benefits of setting your pump to run at slower speeds over choosing the faster speeds many pumps typically permit.

  1. Save Energy, Save Money!

No matter what size pump you are using, running it at lower speeds saves energy – and money. For example, you could run your variable or two speed pump twice as long as you normally would on its higher speeds and still save money.

  1. Reduce the Speed, Reduce the Noise Level

By reducing the pool pump speed, you are also reducing the noise level associated with the traditional pool pump.

  1. Expand the Life of your Equipment

Slowing down the speed of your pool pump allows you to reduce the wear and tear on it as well as on other equipment such as filters, heaters, and chlorinators.

  1. Avoid Algae Buildup

Since your water is being circulated more often by the pool pump, you should be less susceptible to algae in your pool.

  1. Achieve Cleaner Water

Due to the slower cycle, your pool pump can distribute chemicals more evenly as well as capture added unwanted particles, which result in cleaner water for your family and friends to enjoy.

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