Updating Your Spa

SpaYour spa is the place you go for solitude and to unwind.  You want it to have the best possible features for properly-sanitized water, cleanliness, style, and especially comfort.  Water quality is always key.  Did you know that the same salt water chlorinator that sanitizes your pool, can also take care of your spa?  It’s true!  Hayward’s AquaRite Pro salt water chlorinator with Sense and Dispense will monitor your pool and spa water chemistry automatically, dispensing chlorine generated from salt all while controlling pH.

Adding Style

Style can be updated by adding a new deck surround and plants or shrubbery, giving it a secluded, natural feel.  You can also consider finding unique tiles to place around the spa.  This added color can add punch to your pool area.  For comfort, there are plenty of new options for spas.

Making Your Spa Comfortable

One of the best ways to make your spa or hot tub comfortable all year round is through the replacement of your spa heater with a more efficient model.  A spa heater is a great idea for those who entertain guests in their spa, or simply for those who want to enjoy their spa at a pleasantly warm temperature at any time of day or year.  Depending on your application, whether you have a stand-alone or integrated spa, or an above ground hot tub, Hayward has options for you.  For more on Salt Chlorination and Heating and Heat Pumps from Hayward.