Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water is very important to our environment and wallets. Simple water conservation tips will not only lower your water bill, they will also reduce your chemical usage and the time it takes to maintain your pools.  Follow these simple tips.

Cover up.  Properly maintained pool and spa covers are an important safety element and can also reduce evaporation and water waste by up to 95%.  For pools, a safety cover or a solar cover has the added benefit of helping heat and keep heat in the pool.

Water loss.  Fix any leaks or service problems as they occur.  Don’t waste water by letting it leak away.

Maintain your spa.  Proper spa maintenance will greatly increase the time between draining and refilling.  Cleaning filters regularly according to manufacturer’s directions will extend spa water and cleanliness.

Maintain your pool and pool filtration systems.  Use an automatic pool cleaner to maintain pool water.  Some pool cleaners do not send debris through the filtration system, helping reduce the need to backwash.  Proper maintenance of pool water reduces the frequency of backwashing.  Also consider replacing your aging sand or DE filtering system with a cartridge filter that does not require backwashing – this can save you thousands of gallons of water each season.

Remove debris.  Remove debris that blows in from trees and landscaping.  Automatic pool cleaners and low-tech tools make it easier to keep the water clean.  Also consider rinsing bathing suits with clear water, rather than with soap.  Soap powder residue is a major contributor to poor water quality.

Reduce draining.  Drain spas and pools only when you have a severe water quality problem.  Water only needs to be changed in a spa two to three times a year if you maintain your spa properly.  Pools only need to be drained if repairs require it.

Recycle.  Use captured rainwater to replace water lost to evaporation in spas and pools or to refill a spa.