Winterizing Your Pool

Winterizing Your Pool

The weather outside is starting to cool down, the leaves are changing color, and the number of days you have left to use your pool this season are dwindling. It is time for winterizing. We always recommend that you get a pool professional to properly winterize your pool. You can use our dealer locator to find a pool professional in your area. It will cost, but doing it right will save you from having to replace a lot of damaged equipment next season.

If you choose to winterize your pool yourself, here are some of our recommendations:

Blow Out the Lines

You can use an air tank to force out all the water from the lines. This is critical because water expands when it freezes. If water is left in your pipes or your equipment when temperatures reach below freezing, it can cause damage that will be very expensive to fix.

Plug the Lines

After blowing out the water from your lines, seal the pipes with plugs to prevent water from re-entering. Make sure you use the correct size plugs for your pipes to create the proper seal.

Add Chemicals

All of these steps are important, but this one in particular should not be overlooked. Make sure you add winterization chemicals to your pool. Most likely, algae will not grow in your pool during the winter, but this step prevents it from growing once the weather starts warming up in spring. This will make your opening process much easier.

Cover Your Pool

To prevent debris from getting into your pool while it is not in use over the winter, make sure you cover it as part of your winterizing process. Mesh covers require less maintenance during the off season because they let rain and snow water through. Solid vinyl covers require a pump because unlike the mesh covers, the water can pile up and freeze.

Don’t forget that you can always find a pool professional to help you winterize your pool by going to our dealer locator.