Winterizing your Salt Chlorinators and Chemistry Automation

Hayward’s salt chlorination salt cells and flow detection switches can be damaged by freezing water just as your pool’s plumbing would.  In areas of the country which experience severe or extended periods of freezing temperatures, be sure to drain all water from the pump, filter, and supply and return lines before freezing conditions occur.  The control units are capable of withstanding winter weather conditions and should not be removed.

Winterizing Sense and Dispense Chemistry Automation

Once your pool is winterized, remove and store the probes as part of your normal pool winterizing process.  The probe cell and related plumbing must be drained as well.  BNC connectors should be capped with the original protective covers.  A winterizing kit with probe caps, BNC covers, and other necessary winterizing accessories is available to replace any missing items.  Contact your local Hayward dealer for more information.

Sense and Dispense Probe Storage

Exposure to atmospheric conditions will cause the probe tips to dry out.  Store the probes with the included plastic probe storage caps if removed from the Probe Cell for more than one hour.  If the storage caps have been misplaced, store the probes individually in small glass or plastic containers with clean water always covering the probe tips.  Store probes in a location that will not be subjected to freezing temperatures.