New efficiency regulations start in July. Get prepared now.

We have three reasons why getting ahead of upcoming changes from the Department of Energy (DOE) gives your business an advantage. It’s not only about needing to comply, but it’s also about offering the best products possible to your loyal customers.

Selling compliant pumps is beneficial for you & your consumers. When it comes to ultra-high efficiency pump models that comply with the new DOE standards, everybody wins. Consumers will save on energy costs and enjoy quieter performance; and you will benefit from new sales. In addition, we’re proud of our new XE Series ultra-high efficiency pumps as pool owners will be enticed by our promise of industry-leading energy savings—as well as a purchase price up to 1/3 less than equivalent variable-speed models. Not to mention, your customers will love that all our ultra-high efficiency pumps are backed by our 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if the pool owner isn’t convinced that it’s the best pump they’ve ever owned within two months, we’ll take it back and cover the equipment costs. No questions asked.

hayward pool pumps satisfaction guarantee

Customer confidence & purchase intent increase with easy pump comparisons. One great feature of the new DOE regulations is that all newly manufactured pumps (on or after July 19, 2021) will need to clearly label their energy efficiency in the form of weighted energy factor (WEF). This standardized metric makes it easier than ever to compare one pump to another: the higher the WEF, the more efficient the pump. It’s that easy. As everyone gets accustomed to the new metric, you’ll be able to get a sense for what makes for a “good” WEF score (TriStar® VS 900 is rated #1 in energy efficiency with a whopping 12.9) and quickly compare scores across pump categories and brands.

Consumers are looking to you as a trusted source of information. Use your expertise to earn credibility with pool owners and help them save money. Sure, it helps your business that you know the difference between total horsepower and hydraulic horsepower, and that you can rattle off VS pumps in descending order of WEF rating. More than that, though, this is your chance to provide consumers with both valuable information and energy-efficient, DOE-compliant products that won’t break the bank. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate top-notch customer service, and customers get the added confidence of knowing that you’ve got their backs through whatever change comes their way in the future.

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