Group of friends having fun on the rooftop of a beautiful penthouse with a pool hot tub

Celebrate the New Year with Resolutions You Can Keep

We resolve every year to be and do better.  Be better to ourselves with healthy living, to our loved ones by staying in touch more.  But how about Mother Earth?  We need to show her some TLC too!

Go Green, Save Green
“Going green” has become so cliché in consumer markets. So-called green products are often overpriced and ineffective.  It’s no wonder we’ve become jaded by the green movement. BUT…escalating energy costs and social awareness are forcing us to be more responsible.

Equipment manufacturers are designing and manufacturing hard-working, efficient products that will allow pools owners to run their pools efficiently.  The pool industry offers environmentally-compliant equipment with proven performance, built to last, that also dramatically lower operating costs.

Energy Savers
Hayward’s Energy Solutions products are the perfect cost-savings solution when it comes to replacing your pad’s older equipment. Hayward continues to strive to develop products that are not only environmentally friendly, but also benefit pool owners with cost savings and reduction of time spent managing pools.

Air-quality Emissions
Universal H-Series Low NOx heater has an industry-leading thermal efficiency and complies with all current California air quality emission standards. The low NOx emission makes it a perfect choice for the environmentally concerned pool owner.

Conserve Water
Wish there was a way to clean your pool’s filtration system without pouring gallons of water into the environment? SwimClear™ large-capacity cartridge filter delivers. No backwashing; instead, you just rinse the filter elements with your garden hose, saving you up to 2,500 gallons of water every season.

Reduce Chemical Use

Salt chlorination and continuously testing and treating your water automatically with chemistry automation will enable you to cut back on store-bought, factory-produced chemicals.  Water that is maintained consistently day-in, day-out, lessens the chances of the dreaded green pool and chemical treatments.