Going Green with Your Pool

Go GreenMaybe you’ve made your house more energy efficient. Perhaps you drive a hybrid vehicle. Isn’t it time to upgrade your pool to energy-efficient technology as well? You may be unaware of the many different ways to go green with your pool. Read below on tips and upgrades for a more environmentally-friendly pool.

Tips and Upgrades

The biggest energy savings you’ll realize… is when you upgrade your single-speed pump to a variable-speed pool pump. You can save as much as 90% on your pool’s energy costs!  You’ll see similar savings when you automate and control pool, spa and other back-yard functions – not to mention the added benefit of maintenance time savings.   Robotic pool cleaners like Hayward’s TigerShark have a reputation for using very little energy – they can boast 94% energy savings over most pressure cleaners.  Also, a SwimClear large-capacity pool filter can deliver you beautiful water, without having to backwash thousands of gallons of water into the environment every year.  Last but certainly not least, consider upgrading your old incandescent pool lighting to energy-efficient color LED Lighting.  It will deliver awe-inspiring ambiance, while cutting energy use by as much as 86%, an easy but effective way to cut your energy costs while helping the environment.