Top 10 Ways To Go Green

Don’t just talk the green talk, walk the eco-friendly walk!  Sure we feel current and cool when we find oneness with Mother Nature.  But it’s not enough to behave earthy-friendly for a day or two in celebration of Earth Day.  It’s a lifestyle change we must all make to be socially responsible. It will also have you saving energy, water and money.

How to conserve water and energy, and reduce chemical use:

  1. Consider a large-capacity cartridge pool filter.  Other filter types require backwashing which dump thousands of gallons of pool water into the environment.  Water that you’ve taken the time and money to get in balance, filter and heat. Cartridge filters don’t require backwashing, only a simple rinsing of cartridge filter elements with a garden hose. These filters will conserve water, heat (energy) and chemicals.
  2. Switch out your single-speed pool pump for an ENERGY STAR-rated variable-speed pool pump. VSPs can save you as much as 90% on your pool’s energy costs.  That’s as much as $1,500.00 back in your pocket each season. There’s no better way to go green and save green on your pool!
  3. Automate your pool equipment.  Automating your pool, spa and other backyard functions can save you as much as 70% on energy costs.  When you automate, it ensures features and equipment are turned on and off, only as needed.  No more room for human error and forgetfulness.
  4. Switch your pool to salt.  Automating chlorine production will save you on chemical costs.  Consistently sanitized water leave less chance for a dreaded green pool, dramatically reducing your dependence on pool water chemicals. Plus the cost of chlorine per pound is less expensive with salt chlorination, as much as 50% less compared to factory-produced chlorine.
  5. Automate chemistry management.  Adding chemistry management to your salt chlorinated pool ensures your chlorine levels and pH stay within proper range.  Continually monitoring your pool’s water automatically, saves on chemical costs, and prolongs the life of pool equipment.
  6. Purchase a robotic pool cleaner.  Robotic pool cleaners can save you as much as 94% on energy costs versus most pressure cleaners. These cleaners will save you time as well.
  7. Consider alternative pool and spa heating technologies.  Heat pumps can save you up to 80% on energy costs compared to propane gas heaters.  Solar pool heating uses your existing solar collector panels to heat your pool’s water. Free energy is great if solar is right for you in your region.
  8. Switch from incandescent to LED pool and spa lighting.  LED pool and spa lighting isn’t just spectacular, it’s much more energy efficient.  LED lighting requires 86% less energy than incandescent lighting and can last up to 20 x longer!
  9. Remotely monitor and control your pool.  Have you ever cranked up the pool or spa heater and forgotten all about it?  You can use your phone, tablet or computer to adjust heater settings, turn off lights – anything.  This is a huge energy saver and it sure is convenient.
  10. Purchase a pool cover.  A cover will lessen pool water evaporation keeping your water in the pool where it belongs.  As an added bonus, you will conserve water, heat (energy) and chemicals.

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